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We kept the colours in black and white as we thought it looked more horror-like; having it in colour would mean we would see the green on the trees and the blue skies obviously not horror like colours. The poster includes the tagline "different lives, connected by love".

Being a horror, we tried to make the production so that it contained conventions of other horror products- We included screaming, crying, shocking images Rosie being hungshocking sounds baby screaming and we tried to convey the horror behind the therapist by making her seem a manipulative and sick character.

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The colours are used on the text within a trailer, from my research it is usually white writing on a black background or in the trailer thirty days of night its red text on a red and black background which gives emphasis on the vampires within the film.

We took establishing shots for the film in our first film shoot, getting into good positions toget an aerial view of our setting. Above is a screen shot taken from the Media trailer coursework of "The Shining", here the colours are bright, the establishing shot is attractive and the setting appears completely innocent.

This will immediately give the trailer some intensity, as it looks like a point of view shot, and not shaky means that it is like watching from the view point of someone else, as this will put the audience in the shoes of the killer or the victim.

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When creating our trailer we experimented with a range of transitions, concluding that a simple cross fade worked best as it looked most professional. Which are basically Media trailer coursework there are always 8 types of characters, these are the benefactor, the villain, the hero, the ineffective character, etc.

Another way we have made a link between our trailer and poster is by creating a logo which we have put on both. We were able to upload footage easily to the mac using the connection cable. Within our narrative there is no specific hero, however the benefactor gives information about the situation to the ineffective authoritive figure.

Firstly to display all of my coursework I used Blogger which I felt was a easy and effective way in presenting all of the coursework clearly and altogether. Magazine Cover Our magazine also meets conventions of other magazines.

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On the poster, the audience mainly pointed out how they liked that the poster was different to many other film posters and original.

The female audience to this film would probably be able to relate to the plot better than men would, however, women would obviously find the production much more disturbing due to their representation within it. After carrying out the question we talked about what we would change about our product in order to improve it.

These names are known for being successful in the thriller genre, this attracts more people to see the film as it suggests that the film will be similar to there other films. This tagline doesn't suggest a lot about the film, it only ties the film into the thriller genre.

Marcus seemed to take control over editing and decided he preferred using Premiere Pro so in the end we decided we would use this when editing our trailer. We decided that by filming more we would have been able to use a larger range of shots, which would have made it more dynamic and interesting.

We started off convential in our first ideas putting these characters the other way around however we came to the decision to swap this around as we wished to make our trailer be a bit more unpredictable and unique instead of completely copying others.

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The use of medium shots has allowed us to enable theaudience to focus on dialogue, facial expressions and body language instead of anythinggoing on in the background. To create blood splatters and the bloody hand print the main focus I used the rough edged brush tool on Photoshop.

This shot is a clear contrast to the previous shots due to the lighting and colouring; we purposely made the lighting in the shot lighter to portray Sarahs feeling of relief now that the suffering is all over; we thought that this would make the shot more disturbing because obviously the situation is terrible but we still chose to portray it as a nice scene.

Me and Dannielle however felt like we wanted to create our own draft too as we felt we didn't get as much experience at editing. Mostly, the other characters were seen with Kate and not Oliver. We really tried to exploreand diversify our camera angles and shots throughout the film to portray it in the way we feelnecessary.

This will cause more suspense between the audience and the movie, because the characters themselves do not know who the killer is, and the audience does, so they will feel ironic sympathy towards the characters within the film.Sep 06,  · WJEC Media Studies A2 Coursework Thread!

watch. Announcements. Start new discussion Reply 1; 2 I was thinking of the beginning of a crime drama or a trailer for a thriller/mystery film. But I am blank with ideas.

WJEC A2 Media Coursework - help Can I fast track both AS & A2 Media Studies (WJEC) in 1 year?. Media studies coursework evaluation 1, views. Share; Like chargerrard. Follow Published on Mar 15, Published in: Entertainment Media Trailer Evaluation Naomi Hall.

AS Media Studies - Music Magazine Evaluation SundasBostan. Crime drama tv trailer evaluation. A2 Media Coursework Production – Evaluation For my A2 coursework production, I decided to create an R’n’B/Dance music video to Rihanna and David Guetta’s hit tune; ‘Who’s That Chick?’.

I chose to produce this video with another student as a joint project, sharing the typical roles needed in order to make a successful music video. From our trailer deconstructions we noticed a green trailer preview screen is at the beginning of every trailer; from this we identified that it was a must have convention.

In my evaluation, I will be mentioning Abigail, as we have worked together for our A2 Advanced Media Portfolio. [Our final media products included a film trailer for the genres mystery/thriller, followed by a film poster and a magazine front page cover.]. This is a scheme of work for the whole coursework element of the aQA GCSE Media Studies (New Spec onwards).

It includes an introductory task on Print Media (magazines) followed by a task on Advertising and marketing (print advertising), followed by practical production (making a trailer).

Media trailer coursework
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