The difficult employee

The group really struggled with this question because the fact is that most companies will tolerate some pretty awful behavior if an employee is bringing positive results in.

For instance, an aggressive personality may require more of a casual conversation during which you can subtly suggest changes in a non-confrontational way. Arrange a private session where you actively take their views on board and give them the opportunity to speak openly with you.

Afiat Sukmaraga The Iconoclast He thrives on the negative attention that comes from dissing authority figures and social protocols. As you begin to use your authority to deal with your challenging team members, there are some helpful steps you can take.

Here are some immediate steps you can take when you identify poor attitudes and poor performance: Performance problems rarely correct themselves —it takes skilled intervention, including setting performance standards and goals for employees.

Dealing with the Difficult Employee

Set a deadline to see improvement, and the consequences if management does not see immediate, sustained improvement. Attached is a sample performance evaluation template and sample employee self-performance evaluation for your use in the future.

They had some really solid discussions which led to some great responses. He or she does not take criticism, feedback, or offers of help well: Employers cannot insist on perfection in every respect of all work duties assigned to an employee.

More severe occurrences may be handled slightly different, but please reach out to your HR Manager for assistance. Employees who are soul suckers. The performance management should be objective and consistently applied to all employees.

The key is to be reasonable, objective and treat all employees the same. It is important that you intervene as soon as possible and take action as soon as the negative behavior pattern becomes evident; when left untouched, problems tend to escalate.

Is he or she dissatisfied with the work or the company?

Seven Employees that Drive Managers Crazy

While everyone you deal with is a unique individual and should be celebrated as such, a difficult employee presents a different problem. Give some lip service to his greatness, then bring him down to earth by breaking a project into chunks and getting him to "consult" on each chunk.

Dealing with Difficult Employees

While he might apologize later, the whole team ends up perpetually walking on eggshells. If you find yourself frustrated by a member of staff or not able to communicate with them effectively, these are the steps you need to take: He or she is a pessimist: Unfortunately, good leadership is not an inborn trait.

Sometimes you need to do a little digging and approach the situation strategically instead of with an on-the-nose conversation.Here’s the Situation. Every supervisor or manager has to deal with difficult employees at some point.

This employee -let’s call her Mary- consistently has a chip on her shoulder and her moodiness is a pain. If my list didn’t include the difficult employee who makes your life miserable, please take a moment and tell us about that person in the comments section below. Or if you have anything else to add or a great story to tell, share that, too.

At times when the difficult employee disagrees with the issues, the manager can make him clear with examples about his conduct. The duty of the handler is to make employee reply to the allegations.

If the difficult employee denies in spite of all these steps, an intellectual acceptance can be expected too. Bad Behavior and The Difficult Employee. Unit 6 Assignment. Scenarios: Bad Behavior and The Difficult Employee.

Read each of the scenarios below and write a 2-page response (for each scenario) that evaluates the role the supervisor played in the maintenance of good order within the teachereducationexchange.comio 1: Bad Behavior?

Oct 18,  · If a difficult employee is not managed properly, this may create a toxic working environment which will not motivate your employees to perform.

Whether your company is an a early-stage start-up or a huge corporation, you've surely run into an employee who drives you batty.

The difficult employee
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